What’s Next? Introduction to Postsecondary Education Planning

This interactive eLearning module was designed to help mentors and mentees learn about options for pursuing education after YouthBuild. What’s Next? provides online content as well as downloadable extension activities and websites youth and mentors can explore on their own. Click below to get started.

Technology Requirements

  • You will need to have the latest Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer
  • Enable your computer's sound and turn up the volume to hear the narration.
  • Optional: A broadband Internet connection

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printable transcript of the module (PDF)

Worksheets and Activities

Web Resources Mentioned in What's Next?

Additional Resources

Tips for Using this Tutorial for Staff

  • Email the link to mentors and encourage them to go through the module with mentees when they meet together on their own
  • Make computers available during informal group events so mentors and mentees can use the time to explore the module
  • Provide copies of extension activities and worksheets to mentors and mentees who might not have printer or computer access
  • View all or part of the module as part of a presentation to mentors and mentees
  • Ask mentors to view the module prior to an ongoing mentor training session and come prepared to discuss how they can help mentees with post-secondary education
  • Ask youth to view the module prior to a check-in meeting and come prepared to talk about how their mentors can help them learn more about post-secondary education
  • Share the link with other YouthBuild staff, particularly those charged with working with students around postsecondary education issues