What's Next? College Knowledge

This interactive eLearning module was designed to help mentors and mentees explore the elements and attitudes needed for a successful transition to college including choosing a school, financing your education, taking placement exams, and taking ownership of your transition. What’s Next? College Knowledge provides online content, downloadable extension activities, and a planning workbook.

Technology Requirements & Tips

  • Install the latest Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader on your computer or device and enable the sound to hear narration.
  • This module works best over a broadband connection.
  • Apple and Mobile Users: If you are unable to view the tutorial, click here for a PDF version of the module.

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Download a printable transcript of the module.

Worksheets and Activities

The worksheets and activities in this tutorial have been converted to PDF forms so that you can work on your plan electronically. When filling out a form electronically, save the form on your computer or device before filling in your information.

  • Postsecondary Education Development Plan Workbook - A workbook that contains all of the worksheets and activities found in the module. Individual activities from this workbook are listed below.
  • Choosing a School - A research activity for learning about various schools and discussion questions to help you weigh your options.
  • Factors to Consider - A discussion guide to examine the various school and lifestyle factors to consider when choosing a program.
  • Admissions Requirements - A worksheet to organize admissions requirements, key deadlines, and testing needs for schools.
  • Research Financial Aid - A research activity to identify key dates and resources needed to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and explore scholarship opportunities.
  • You Can Go Video Guide - A guide to help mentors and mentees explore profiles of students who have turned their school ambitions into reality.
  • Prepare for Placement Tests - A guide to direct you to sample questions and tips for test taking and preparation.
  • Taking Ownership Interview Guide - A guide for mentees to interview someone they admire about how they took ownership of their life when faced with a major transition.

Web Resources Mentioned in What’s Next? College Knowledge

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Finance: Find money for college

Test: Prepare for placement exams

Own It: Take ownership of your future

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