National Mentoring Alliance Training Guides and Handbooks

The following resources can help YouthBuild National Mentoring Alliance programs design and implement effective services. These are the primary tools Mentoring Coordinators will use in developing the mentoring program and planning program operations. If you have any questions about these resources, please contact Melissa Medina at

  • The Mentoring Gang Exposed or Involved Youth document with the accompanying recorded addendum to equip mentoring coordinators to engage with and mentor gang exposed or involved young people.
  • The At the Crossroads training includes a ninety-minute lesson plan and accompanying PowerPoint slides to equip mentors to successfully perform their critical bridge and support role during the three to six months after the mentee completes the YouthBuild program.
  • The Beyond Resilience Lesson Plan contains all the materials you need to equip mentors to accurately identify and effectively respond to the symptoms of trauma in YouthBuild students. You may also download the accompanying PowerPoint slides for training your mentors on trauma.
  • BRIDGE Mentoring Toolkit Book I and Book II contain all the materials you need to run the 12 month YouthBuild BRIDGE Mentoring program. You may also download the accompanying PowerPoint slides for training your mentors on this group mentoring model.
  • Mentor Pre-Match Training Toolkit: A Guide for Staff (PDF; also download the accompanying PowerPoint slides) – This toolkit builds on the activities and content from Training YouthBuild Mentors: A Guide for Staff. Designed to be an out-of-the-box training toolkit, it contains planning worksheets, training activities, pre-packaged slides, facilitator notes, and assessment tools to effectively prepare your mentors for both the group and one-on-one mentoring experiences. Minimal customization is needed. Preparing your mentor training has never been so easy.
  • Mentee Training Toolkit: A Guide for Staff - A ready-to-use training toolkit designed to deliver high-quality pre-match training for your students. This interactive curriculum builds enthusiasm for mentoring at your site, answers student questions, and teaches important relationship skills. The toolkit features detailed facilitator notes and customizable PowerPoint slides organized into four, one hour training sessions. Downloads: PowerPoint Slides: Session 1, Session 2, Session 3, Session 4, Facilitator Guide
  • Quick-Start Guide for New YouthBuild Mentoring Coordinators (editable version, PDF) – This job aid can help new YouthBuild Mentoring Coordinators get acclimated to their position and provides 10 critical tasks that they should complete within their first few weeks on the job. This will help maintain the quality of the mentoring program during times of transition and provides YouthBuild Directors with an easy-to-use tool for orienting new mentoring staff. Print out and complete or fill out electronically!
  • Training YouthBuild Mentors: A Guide for Staff (final version, PDF) – Use this curriculum to prepare and train your mentors, both before and after they are matched with a young person.
  • Ready for Mentoring: A Guide for YouthBuild Students (final version, PDF) – This guidebook can help the young people in your program get excited about having a mentor and provides tools they can use throughout their mentoring relationship.
  • Supporting YouthBuild Students in Mentoring Relationships (Word document) - This information packet is designed to help your program reach out to and inform parents, caregivers, partners, coaches, counselors, and other adults in the lives of your mentored YouthBuild students. It can be a good resource to get parents and caregivers on-board with the program before students sign up for mentoring. It can also be used once students are participating in mentoring to teach parents and other adults exactly what YouthBuild mentoring is all about and how they can support the mentoring relationship. Be sure to also download the Guide for Staff that details how to customize the packet.
  • Mentor Handbook (Word) – This customizable guide for mentors, developed by Kati Chase of YouthBuild Just-A-Start in Cambridge MA, can provide your mentors with the basic information they will need throughout their time in the program.