YouthBuild Mentoring Has Just Been Made Easier!

YouthBuild Mentoring Made Easier: A Quick Reference Guide is your personal tour guide through an annotated, hyperlinked Table of Contents that will connect you with the basics of effective mentoring for your YouthBuild program. For a short cut to all you need to move the dial on your mentoring program, start here.

YouthBuild Mentoring Made Easier is a quick reference guide to the robust collection of web-based mentoring resources currently available on this Community of Practice for creating a culture of service through mentoring. This guide can be useful to mentoring program staff (new or seasoned), as well as any administrator that has a desire to create or enhance a culture of mentoring at their site.

You may be wondering, “Why Easier? Why not just call it YouthBuild Mentoring Made Easy?” We don’t want to be accused of false advertising, that’s why! Most things worth doing well are not easy. And if you are talking about providing trust-filled supportive relationships with young people who have struggled with big challenges, yes, mentoring is totally worth it, and yes, so not easy.

But Easier? We’ve got you covered. We want every YouthBuild program to have all the resources to get you going on mentoring. We have the goods. Let this be your guide.