New Mentor Recognition Badges Make It Easy to Honor the Magic Moments of Mentoring

The YouthBuild National Mentoring Alliance is proud to announce the release of an innovative new product that will help you honor the work of your volunteer mentors (and the students they are matched with) in fun and creative ways.

The YouthBuild Mentor Recognition Badges offer 46 badges and five "levels" of mentor achievement that your program can award to volunteers and students as they engage in mentoring activities and hit key milestones. The badges can be used to reward mentors, honor extra contributions, motivate matches to try new activities, and create a culture of deeper program involvement. The files can be placed on websites and social media or added to displays or end-of-year awards and certificates. A handy User Guide provides descriptions of all the badges and tips on implementing the concept.

We feel these badges will be a fun and innovative tool in your volunteer recognition strategy. All of your mentors should be able to earn many badges over the course of their involvement, but they are also a great way to really recognize the achievements of your "star" volunteers who go above and beyond for your program. So download the badges and User Guide and let us know what you think!